nov4First, I'm  happy to report that I have full use of all 10 fingers now for typing.  I graduated from a cast to a brace on my left hand yesterday.  First thing I'm going to do at the clay table is take the brace off and roll a ball of clay in my palms.  I think that will be about as good as the warm water and soap did yesterday and THAT was HEAVEN.

Ok, back to color work here, I expected some lovely colors from Premo! Accents Copper and Sculpey Souffle Seaglass, but I did NOT expect that optical illusion that the 2C/1S and 4C/1S mixes provide.  Don't they look like a lighter value than EITHER of the two original colors? I double-checked the mix numbers on the back of each one (I use an Etch n' Pearl to write the mix, like 2C/1S,  on the back of each one before I put it on the bake card so that I can't mix them up).

I also know that it's an optical illusion because, in truth, they are both a slightly darker than the Copper, but at first glance...WOW! That 1:1 mix is my favorite.  That color combined with a Cherry Pie/Gold mix would be a really rich and different take on the traditional holiday colors - kind of like when I wrote a tutorial for a British arts/crafts magazine (years ago) where they used Red and Turquoise as their holiday colors and all the projects were just stunning!



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Why not cut out this little logo and post it on your fridge as part of your holiday Wish List?  My sons are hopeless at figuring out what to get me and this is a quick and easy gift for them.  They don't even have to go to the mall (which is a double bonus for them!)

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