Looking for a way to get a slightly more pastel color, maybe a little sparkle as well? My method to do this is to mix with either Premo Accents 18k (for a warm tone) or Premo Accents Silver (for a cooler tone).  So this month, I'm doing Souffle mixes with Premo Accents.  And I'm going to start off with Silver mixes.  It was easy to pick 3 sub palettes for these colors because I could literally close my eyes and pick any 3 colors and they would look fantastic.  Do you see what I mean about rendering a slightly more pastel version of the color, but without adding the more dense pigmentation of white or off-white?  I think that Guava/Silver 1:1 is really an elgant looking color.

To the sub-palettes!

#1 I love Poppy Seed, Bluestone and Igloo together, but I really like the Silver in the mix.  I think it adds interest and texture.

#2 Ohhh, this is my favorite palette - it's classy, but feels young.  That Guava/Silver is a keeper for sure!

#3 Again, another interesting take on the classic pastel palette of pink, blue and white.  That Silver tones down the palette just right!

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Enjoy the rest of your holidays and be safe!

xoxo, syn