This is the first mix of the 2019 year - Premo Accents Silver mixed with Souffle Poppy Seed, Guava and Bluestone

I wanted to take the last NCT of January to show you two mixes from this month that I thought were just extraordinary. The first is Premo Accents Silver mixed with Souffle Poppy Seed, Guava and Bluestone. I don't know about you, but I seem to forget about Silver from time to time because I love the warm metallics. But Silver is a pretty cool color - you can brighten it by mixing it with Pearl to make a Platinum color and darken it with Black to make a darker silver. Add a touch of Peacock Pearl and a tiny touch of black and you've got blue steel!

Anyway, I really like these close up shots because they show you how the Souffle clay disburses the mica flakes and really lets them shine, while adding texture to the clay surface. I'm beginning to think that ANYTHING mixed with Guava is outstanding and this mix fits that theory. And the Bluestone takes on a lovely lavender look to it don't you think?

This is Premo Accents Antique Gold mixed with Souffle Poppy Seed, Pumpkin and Bluestone.

This is the other mix I wanted to point out to you because you can really see the golden micas shifting through the Poppy Seed and they actually swirl through the Bluestone!

Next month I make a shift in my mixing pattern and mix ONE color with all three of the Glitter Golds in 8:1 mixes. And March I mix almost all the Souffle colors with (my fav) 18k Gold at 4:1 mixes!

xoxo, syn