I love me some 18K Gold, so I decided to add it to my mix list this month.

Of course, I used some of my most favorite Souffle mixes with it - Latte, Pumpkin and Guava. Now I DO tend to come and go with Pumpkin, but then I find it again and think to myself, "Why did I use this sooner?" I still can't get over Guava - it's such a warm PINK and I HATE Pink! But I love this color. Anyway, the Latte mix yielded a rich beige with gold highlights that is really nice for a neutral-with-a-difference. The Pumpkin mix is a wonderful warm orange and the Guava mix is going towards a Mango color with golden highlights.

Now to the sub-palettes!

#1 I love these 3 colors together - they can be Spring, Summer OR Fall - depending on which color you highlight in the group the most.

#2 Ohhh, I love this palette for a different take on a Fall palette - the pumpkin is, of course, a Fall color while the Guava remembers Summer and Latte is the color of your favorite Winter wool coat.

#3 I like this mix for the hint of gold in the Guava/18K mix - it's fun and young feeling and it balances out the more adult vib of the Latte.

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xoxo, syn