Premo Accents Copper languished on my clay shelf for far too long.  Then when I picked it up again, I was like "hmm, why have I left this for so long?"  Now it's one of my staples, especially for mixing because it adds a richness to the colors without the boldness of mixing with Gold.  Try it with Souffle Turnip as well!  Gorgeous color.  Or just use straight Copper as a base for silkscreen or transfer.  It won't let you down!  Mixing the Premo metallics with the Souffle colors creates some wonderful colors with the most interesting texture!

I love this entire palette - I could use these colors everyday..

#1  My Big Three in Souffle - I love this palette!

#2 Mixed metals is very big in home decor right now - I like using it in my work as well and this palette is anchored around that intriguing warm grey of Bluestone/Copper.

#3 This feels like a mid-century palette!  Look! No Avocado green though - what a rebel...

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xoxo, syn