Remember when last year January felt like it was 15 weeks long?  Well, this year on the calendar it IS long - 5 weeks!  This week I'm mixing  Premo Accents Antique Gold with Souffle Poppy Seed, Bluestone and Pumpkin.  The souffle combo is an unlikely favorite of mine - it's not a light palette or a dark palette.  It feels retro but modern to the same time to me as well.  I hope you can see the way the Antique Gold mica plays areound the edges of the Bluestone in the photo! It's a little less apparent in the Pumpkin, but you can really see it in person.

Now the sub-palettes:

#1 A classic clean palette perfect for a kitchen or an interesting piece of jewelry!

#2 This is a variation of #1 with a slightly warmer pop of color with the Pumpkin/Antique Gold combo

#3 A sunwashed palette for sure!  Perfect for summer wear.


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xoxo, syn