I figured we would all be outside enjoying the holiday yesterday, so I decided to wait until today to post the NCT for this week!  Well, I've done it again, become infatuated with a color that has languished in my clay locker forEVER.  premo! Sculpey Accents Copper has always been the red-haired stepchild to my precious Bronze...until this month.  NOW I love it!  I can't count the times this has happened to me - is a Clay Crush a real thing?

JUL NCT 2017-1When I was mixing with Wasabi last month, I decided to try it with the Copper, thinking that that Wasabi would immediately overpower it.  Not only did that NOT happen, Copper kinda smacked that bold Wasabi DOWN!  Check out the mixes! And excuse me... but do I see GOLD colors here? (for some reason I imagine that I'm writing like a 20 something girl talks with all the needless emphasis on certain words.. Oh, I should add a lot of OMGs to it!)  So OMG, doesn't that 1:1 TOTALLY look like a gold/brass color? (sorry-had to do it)

I like that 4C/1W mix as well as a more subtle gold look that would probably look beautiful with the premo! Sculpey Accents Graphite or even just a plain grey. I'm also thinking it might be a great steampunk color, mixed with the coppers, graphites and golds as well?