venice13This one got a little tricky....It surprisingly became a showdown between Ecru and White.  So throughout this month, the mixes are going to be a little bit different than normal, showing what happens between these two colors. I know that makes no sense, but it hopefully will as the month progresses. This mix palette is pulled from an image I took in Venice in 2003. There were so many amazing and subtle colors, it was hard to pick just four!

Jan016-1qFirst up, the beautiful light Turquoise on the left. It's a warm palette, so creating a light blue/turquoise that was also warm without going green was the challenge. I will show you exactly what I mean.  When Premo! Turquoise is mixed with Ecru - it goes more green as you can see in the bottom row.  So, what is the balance between adding White and Ecru to the color?  You can see my two experiments with adding both to the far right.

Now, something for those of you that actually click through to the blog post!  I want to show you one of the ways I use all my scraps from these monthly mixes (I do the entire month at once). I call this scrap technique the Meisha Squish, since it came about last year when I was sharing a table with the indomitable Meisha Barbee.  I had piles all the scraps together and pressed the Sculpey Style n' Detail tools into the stack, preparing to do a Mokume Gane stack.  Meisha reached over and said, "Cut this end - look at the colors and shapes!"  Thus began the Meisha Squish!

[caption id="attachment_22773" align="alignleft" width="300"]MS1 Instead of slicing across the top of the Mokume Gane stack, I'm slicing off the edge of the stack and reassembling on another sheet of clay[/caption]

Instead of slicing across the top of the stacked clay, I'm slicing off the edge of the stack (increase the textures by using the Style n' Detail tools on BOTH sides of the clay!).  I then reassemble the slices on a contrasting sheet of clay (this is my current infatuation: 1 part Graphite Pearl to 4 parts Jungle)







[caption id="attachment_22774" align="alignleft" width="300"]Use the smallest Etch n' Pearl to add dots of color in the gaps between the slices 2. Use the smallest Etch n' Pearl to add dots of color in the gaps between the slices[/caption]

2. Once the slices are in place, I use the smallest Etch n' Pearl to add dots of color (from the scraps) in the spaces in between the slices (keep the clay in the tool and then gently press into place on the clay - easier than trying to move the pearl on it's own!)







[caption id="attachment_22777" align="alignleft" width="300"]Use your favorite template or cutters to cut out your pieces. Use your favorite template or cutters to cut out your pieces.[/caption]

3. Use your favorite (or selected) cutters or templates to cut out your pieces.







[caption id="attachment_22776" align="alignleft" width="300"]Add a texture if you wish 4. Add a texture if you wish[/caption]

4. Add a texture if you wish, although I recommend doing that BEFORE adding the pearls!  I'm using a piece of non-slip material I found at a RV store.  It had a sticky back, so I mounted it to an acrylic stamp block I had.  Bake your pieces and use as you see fit! I used my pieces to create a hat band for my newest hat!  I'm featuring hat bands in my tutorial for the Polymer Clay Adventure 2016.

The Polymer Clay Adventure 2016 has launched, but it's never too late to join!  Several hundred artists from all over the world have already joined. If you need time to pay your entrance fee, you’ve got it… 3 payment buttons are now available on all the info pages.   If you wanted to buy any of the Adventures as a holiday gift for someone special (or send a hint to someone!), they have got that too! Read all about the options and join right here!

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