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New Color Tuesday - Uggg to Ahhh Part 3

May 3Oh now this one was pretty fun!  Both of these colors are trending home decor colors - the Mocha for a neutral and the Pistachio or "that pop of color".  The first line of mixes creates some colors that I'm at a loss to describe - I guess most people would call them "muddy greens" but I really, really like them.  As a redhead, I can ROCK those colors!  Now the bottom two colors - those are definitely "pops of color" in home decor, especially with grey.  I think that they are also "pops of color" for jewelry when you don't necessarily want the brilliant color of the Pistachio, so imagine those two colors against your favorite grey power suit - you have one right? My grey power suit is a grey t-shirt and jean shorts and I held these colors up as soon as they got out of the oven and it was amazing.  The regular Pistachio looked almost florescent against my 18% grey tshirt (I almost exclusively wear grey shirts in my studio when taking pictures so I don't accidentally through a color cast from my shirt), but the two mixes looked like warm greens- bright but not florescent bright.  That 4M1P mix in the top row far right looked really nice against the grey as well, it read as a rich light brown.

Oh, yes the 1:1 mix looks like Key Lime!  If you want to mix Key Lime, use Canary and Latte pretty much 1:1, altering the amount of Canary for the green effect.

I should apologize to you also for the odd angles and such on my recent NCT photos.  I'm still on a knee scooter and can't walk and I'm hesitant to bring out my big camera, hoping down 2 stairs, using two different knee scooters to get to the clay table. So I'm using my phone and it's not doing a bad job, but I don't have my usual control of the angles (when I'm standing on one foot to take the photos! lol)

As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

Check out the new polymer clay color mixing app, called Color Mixr for Polymer Clay for both Android and Apple platforms!

And finally, my hatband tutorial for Polymer Clay Adventure (PCA2016) is now featured in the Adventure!  Remember, you can join at any time and view the tutorials at your convenience! There are 24 different teachers and 28 video classes.  Read all about the payment options and join right here! (