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New Color Tuesday- Ugg to Ahhh Wrap Up

1 to 1sWow, it's the end of May.  I would say that I can't believe it, but we are in the midst of our annual "May Gray/June Gloom" here on the coast, so there is no denying the date!  It has been a busy month of travel and teaching for me, but I do have the June NCTs "locked and loaded" for you!  But first, let's finish our May discussion.  As I've said all month, the Souffle Mocha color surprised me, it turned out to be not only a great background color, but quite willing to take the spotlight and shine as well.  In fact, in my classes I taught this month in Florida at Fandango, this quiet little color was one of the most popular colors and the ONLY color to be in short supply by the end of the 3 days of classes.

I am NOT generally a fan of subdued colors, but this 1:1 color mix posted here is one of my favorite sets of colors I've ever mixed.  These colors feel both retro (which to me is 50's tiki culture) and modern (which to me is Property Brothers). The Mocha makes these colors feel more grown up to me.

As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

Check out the new polymer clay color mixing app, called Color Mixr for Polymer Clay for both Android and Apple platforms!

And finally, my hatband tutorial for Polymer Clay Adventure (PCA2016) is coming up this Spring, but in the meantime, you can check out the incredible artists who have dropped their tutorials already in the PCA this year.  Remember, you can join at any time and view the tutorials at your convenience! There are 24 different teachers and 28 video classes.  Read all about the payment options and join right here! (