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New Color Tuesday - Ugg to Ahhh Pt 1

Yes, indeed.  I've learned my lesson!  If I see a new color and think, "ugg", it's GUARANTEED that I will soon be cooing, "ahhh" about that very same color.  And yes, it's happened AGAIN.  The new Souffle color Mocha didn't impress me when I pulled my unextruded lump of Mocha out of the (treasure) box of new color samples I received.  You see, I'm a die-hard Latte fan- can I find room for TWO neutral beiges in my clay life?  The answer (of course) is ABSOLUTELY!!!  So, I decided that I would feature my new love in the NCT mixes for May - using 2 other new Souffle colors and 2 of the older (but still favs) Souffle colors.  Oh, and by the way - try mixing the Mocha with Premo! Gold  1:1 - it's Gold with a Souffle surface!

May 1 First up, my new fav Mocha meets the king of color, Sea Glass.  Every single one of these mix colors is a HOT interior color for homes right now! (Broken foot, binge-watching Property Brothers)  I think I want a coat in every one of these colors as well!  What about using one of these mixes instead of black as the accent color, edging on a summer necklace?  Ohh, with a mango-like color? A light lemon color?   My hands are literally itching to try that!

And with that, I think it's time to fire up the knee scooter and scoot out to the studio!

As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

Check out the new polymer clay color mixing app, called Color Mixr for Polymer Clay for both Android and Apple platforms!

And finally, my hatband tutorial for Polymer Clay Adventure (PCA2016) is coming up this Spring, but in the meantime, you can check out the incredible artists who have dropped their tutorials already in the PCA this year.  Remember, you can join at any time and view the tutorials at your convenience! There are 24 different teachers and 28 video classes.  Read all about the payment options and join right here! (