Souffle Raspberry is a pretty strong statement color, but it does play well
with other colors. But first, I have to point out what a great palette that
master group of colors makes - Bluestone, Latte, Concrete and Raspberry for a pop of color. Latte lends warmth to the color colors and Raspberry adds the fun-lol. Now the sub-palettes:

#1 I like how the Bluestone coolness plays off the two warmer colors. That Latte/Raspberry mix is probably my favorite of the mixes - probably...I really like the other two as well..

#2 I think that this is my favorite sub-palette of this weeks mixes because its a really different palette for me personally.

#3 Of course I like anything with Concrete, but with these two mixes it acts as a grounding base for the other two jubilant colors.

I hope that you are finding your clay table a refuge now. There is lots of Zoom claying going on as well. Don't know of any? Why not start your own?

xoxo, syn