I'm beginning to think that Souffle Turnip is a magical color.  First, it creates that ultraviolet blue color when mixed with Premo Accent Peacock and it even plays nicely with Bright Green Pearl!

I like this beginning color palette of Bright Green Pearl, Souffle Bluestone, Cinnamon and Turnip. (Yes, I would like any palette with Bluestone and Cinnamon).  It's a mix of warm and cool colors that shouldn't work together, but somehow do. The Bright Green Pearl kind of draws all the other colors together.  And those mixes?  A subdued version of the Turnip when mixes with Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl, a vibrant purple when mixed with Souffle Bluestone and a warm fuchsia when mixed with Souffle Cinnamon.

Exciting Turnip Souffle Colors

Now those sub-palettes:

#1 I really like these colors together for some reason. Bluestone is a cool color, Turnip acts as a neutral and Cinnamon is the fire in the mix.

#2 I love a bright palette!  This is bright, sunny and balanced by the Bluestone/Turnip 1:1 mix.

#3 This is my favorite mix! I also really love it on the grey.  Since I have decided to wear my hair "Antique Red" (grey), I really like to wear grey now and this is a perfect pop of color for the grey!

xoxo, syn