I've become quite fascinated with Souffle Canary again. It can really hold it's own in a mix, even with Premo Accents Bright Green Pearl. I love, love the 1:1 mix of these two colors as well - it's a perfect bridge between yellow and green.  And of course, I already love Latte and Canary together to mix the Key Lime colors!


Celebrating the End of Summer With Clay

Let's look at the sub-palettes:

#1 Bright Green Pearl, Turnip and Latte is an interesting punch of colors, especially in a floral motif maybe?

#2 Bright Green/Canary 1:1, Latte and Turnip/Canary 1:1 is like a muted version of the #1 palette = or mix them together !

#3 I love this palette! It's Spring and Summer all together.

Next month, my main mix color will be Souffle Pumpkin in honor of October!

[caption id="attachment_37253" align="alignright" width="418"] Look at how nicely these colors from my mixes play into a Fall color palette![/caption]

xoxo, syn