I know, technically these are NOT greens in the mixes, but LOOOOK at how luscious those colors are! That Bright Green Pearl and Cinnamon mix is all kinds of skanky brown/green and I love it! The same with the Bluestone/Cinnamon - it's like a dark dust bunny brown but I really like it.  Put that color together with Souffle Igloo and it would look all kinds of classy.  Maybe add a touch of Bluestone.  Or maybe a touch of Poppy Seed? I'm gonna have to try that one - I feel the need for a new bracelet..

Bursting Orange Polymer Clay

Now, the sub-palettes:

I feel like I could have made 15 different subs from this main palette, especially if I added a black and a white.

#1 - This is my classic palette Cinnamon and Bluestone with a touch of Gold. A perfect combination for denim clothing.

#2 - MMMM. Love my golds! These 1:1 mixes really came through this week.

#3 - Again, I really like that Dust Bunny mix of Bluestone/Cinnamon.  Even look at the triangle of Bluestone/Cinnamon and that 1:1 mix in the original palette. Add Gold and it's a gorgeous palette!

xoxo, syn