Right? At least we like to *think* that there is a little Peacock in all of us, showing our glory to the world..not peaking at our reflections in shiny car doors..

This month, I'm featuring Premo and Premo Accent mixes.  Yes! I set down my beloved Souffle  for these 4 weeks of mixes. Peacock is going to be my "featured" color since it's in every mix palette.  I like Peacock, it's a strange bird (both in clay and nature).  It looks blue, but it often mixes like a green.  And I don't know about you, but when I look at a sheet of Peacock, I see things swirling in that sheet.  Things.

Anyway, our first week, my Birthday Week, I'm mixing with White Glitter Gold.  I'm a terrible friend to the Glitter Golds.  One week I'm all about them, and then I ignore them for months. The biggest surprise in the 1:1 mixes for me was that when I mixed it 1:1 with the Premo Accent Graphite, I can now see both the white glitter flakes in the mix and gold flakes! ( Yes, I have my glasses on!)

So the sub palettes:

#1 A disco take on the classic red, white and blue. But I really like it!

#2 Ohhh, kind of elegant with an industrial style edge to it.  The Magenta Pearl really warms up the cool palette.

#3 If you want a little bit more sparkle in your industrial style, and a little more depth in your colors, this palette will do the trick!


xoxo, syn