Ahh, now we are SOLIDLY in my favorite color range - a mid-century modern color palette of greens and golds. I'm also discovering that Premo Accents Graphite pretty much fits in any palette - much more so than just black.  I suspect that Premo Accents Copper could be one of those "fits all" colors, but it is not as dramatic an addition as Graphite.  And Peacock Pearl is just a wild card - you never really know what it's going to do!  BTW, isn't that Gold/Graphite mix just luscious?  What a great background color when you need a mid-tone metallic!

Premo Accents Graphite Mixes

To the sub-palettes:

#1  Hmm, I'm getting ready to paint my mom's china cabinet in very similar (non-metallic) colors!  The dark wood color is just too dark and I'm hoping the paint will help convince my Millennials to keep it!  But first, I have to empty it because it's filled with treasures from over 25 years of clay swaps as well as special treasures like my kids painted rocks and Scouts (green Army men that have survived to be discovered in lost corners of the house).  It's also got my grandmother's hand-painted china as well, so it's STILL a china cabinet.

#2 Mixed metals are a huge trend in home decor and I think that they should be equally used in jewelry!  What a wonderful palette this is - I kinda want to go out and do something with these colors right now. lol!

#3 This is a really, really pretty palette in real life.  Another very trendy home decor palette as well. Again, it makes me itch to run out to the clay table and explore what I can do with these colors.


That's it!  I gotta go clay...

xoxo, syn