This is possibly one of my most favorite mixes of the year (do I say that all the time?)

Not only did I start with 4 colors that are probably my most favorite Premo colors, but the 1:1 mixes are so rich! Premo Accents Bronze was my go-to color for a long time and then I suddenly developed a color crush on the Premo Accents Copper and my Bronze languished in my clay cabinet for awhile. But it's back!  And Gold never leaves my work table it seems.  Peacock Pearl is kind of a mystical color to me, I see things in the sheets of Peacock, swirling under the surface...too many science fiction fantasy books! lol

Bronze and Gold Matches

So the sub-palettes -

#1  You just can't go wrong with this palette - stripes, mokume gane, silkscreen - you name it!  Rich enough for office and evening, earthy enough for jeans.

#2 I love this different palette.  That Peacock Bronze mix is a different take on a Graphite type color. These 3 colors remind me of Randee Ketzel's work for some reason as well!

#3 Oh, I love that splash of citrus green with those earth tones!

Next month Bright Green Pearl will be the feature and I'm going to mix in a little of my darling Souffle!

xoxo, syn