Jan016-4 Okay, this week was an easy one!  The last color in the palette was pretty much just Spanish Olive right out of the package, but since I had been experimenting with what Ecru does in a mix, I figured I would give it a go.  SO and E make a really nice soft green that would layer with the straight SO really nicely.  Cad Yellow punches up the SO is a really fun way without going into the Kelly Green realm.  The one that really surprised me was mixing SO with Raw Sienna (RS) 1:1.  That yields a weathered bronze look that reminds me of buried treasure.  Gotta try an antique bracelet with that mix - put it on my To Do List!




Jan016finalSo here are the final mixes: Part of my challenge this month was that my printout didn't really have accurate color to the screen version, but I've corrected it.  February's image was printed on a different paper so that I got accurate colors!  Want a peek?  In honor of Valentines day, I chose flowers and flowers with some colors that look pretty challenging to me - I skipped the easy colors in the palette (Fuschia, Wasabi, Sunset) and went for some tougher colors!


If you are going to the Tucson Bead Show, look for me at Christi Friesen's Clay Rave on Saturday!

[caption id="attachment_23028" align="alignleft" width="300"]FEbruary NCT FEbruary NCT[/caption]