Feb NCT-3One final mix before the final wrap up mixes below!  I really like these colors (and I am allergic to pink), especially that first mix. I can see that color with some of the deep oranges I've been mixing and maybe a green?

Anyway, here are the final selections for the photo! Since I skipped the obvious colors in the photo like Fuchsia, Sunset Pearl, Wasabi, Spanish Olive, Zinc Yellow, these were much more fun to try to mix to, especially that second color!FebNCT-Final1

The launch of the  Polymer Clay Adventure has begun! Over a thousand artists from all over the world have already joined.  Read all about the payment options and join right here!

As always, all the mixes are available on one page at: https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/  (I will update this next!)

Check out the new polymer clay color mixing app, called Color Mixr for Polymer Clay for both Android and Apple platforms!