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I thought it would be appropriate to use this photo I took several years ago of the bouquet that my boss received for Valentines Day from her husband. (Yes, I played with image in Photoshop!)  I also thought it would give me a good challenge if I selected colors that were not basic straight-out-of-the-package Premo! colors.  You can easily see Premo! Fuchsia, Sunset, Spanish Olive, Wasabi, Ecru and Blush pretty much right out of the package.

First week mix and BAM!  I have a new color crush: Jungle!  (Yes, I know, my color crushes are as stable as a teenage girl with a Tiger Beat magazine!)  Jungle is like the latest version in

[caption id="attachment_23106" align="alignleft" width="300"]I used Jungle! for the bezels on my seascapes I used Jungle! for the bezels on my seascapes[/caption]

a grand tradition of greens that goes back to Premo! Sea Green and Promat Green.  I think it's actually closer to the Promat color (Promat predated Premo!-super smooth, super strong, limited colors and it didn't cane - as I recall in my antique memory).  In fact, I love it so much I've been using it as the bezel for my crazy seascape mini-paintings.

So the first thing I noticed when I started mixing Jungle! (I'm sorry, the exclamation is not supposed to be there, but I dig it) is that it plays very nicely in mixes.  I can see uses for everyone of these mixes with White. The 1:1 and the 8:1 are beautiful colors and the 3 others are beautiful shades.  To me, the White takes Jungle! from something dark and mysterious to something lighter (duh) and really peaceful.  I really should mix it with Ecru and see what happens as well.  Hmmmmm....I AM heading to the clay table right now....

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