NCT Sep 2015-5It was inevitable that the two Sculpey Teals would have to battle it out, right?  It doesn't appear that the S3 Teal Pearl has too much effect on the super strong Peacock Pearl, but I really like the subtle differences it makes to the colors.  I really like that 1:1 mix - it appears to be just the right color to go with the Premo! Accents Bronze (my current infatuation AGAIN).  IN fact, I may have to try that combo as soon as I get back to my clay table!  I'm currently between two great clay retreats - the Arizona retreat and our own San Diego Sandy Camp retreat, so I'm torn about what to unpack and what to leave in the bag..

Don't forget that I've got lots and lots of oranges on tap for October!

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[caption id="attachment_21167" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lots and LOTS of Oranges! Lots and LOTS of Oranges![/caption]