May 2015-4For the final May mix (What happened to May!!!?! That was quick..)   Anyway, I can't get 5 words without getting sidetracked apparently. And I did it again, sigh..

[caption id="attachment_18837" align="alignleft" width="300"]May 2015-4-1a That's the original mix colors (18K ad Sunset Pearl) on the left and the 1:1 mix on the right[/caption] [caption id="attachment_18838" align="alignleft" width="300"]May 2015-4-2a The 1:1 mix on the left and the 8 18K/1SP mix on the right.[/caption]

I wanted to see what the new Sunset Pearl would look like mixed with a metallic gold, so I picked 18K and started mixing. Not surprisingly, the mixes are really nice shades of polished copper.  The interesting thing to me is that the Sunset Pearl appears to have silvery mica (assuming mica is used for the metallic effect)  accents, while the 18K has a golden metallic accent.  When the colors are mixed, the new
color has BOTH silver and gold metallic accents.  You can see it better in the close up photos (I've over-sharpened so you can see the metallic effects better)!


The photo with 3 colors shows the original two colors, 18K and SP and the 1:1 mix.  You can see if mix of the gold and silver metallics sparkling in it.   The second photo is the 1:1 mix compared to the 8 18K/1SP mix.  The 8/1 mix shows a lot more of the gold metallics than the 1:1.  That is EXACTLY what I thought would happen - I love it when clay does what my brain thinks it should!

Because this month went sooooo fast and I wasn't done with the Sunset Pearl, June will start with a Sunset Pearl/Wisteria mix.  I'm mixing Wisteria for June.  Since Wisteria is already a (lovely) mixed color, the color mixes will be more challenging, but I've managed to come up with some Surprises and some Pretties so far with it!

Check out all the New Color Tuesday mixes on one page at:  I just looked at this page and there are LOADS of colors on there!! And while you are at it, check out Shirley Rufner's really interesting posts for May - this post has my brain going in overdrive:

It’s also not too late to join the biggest thing in polymer clay this year, the Polymer Clay Adventure – 22 teachers, over 900 participants. Enjoy and contribute anytime you wish (or can), the community is quite active on our discussion boards.  Get all the info here: