Okay, let's finish July with a BANG! and mix colors with one of the Premo Accents Glitter clays - White Gold Glitter. Personally, I'm a little surprised that July would have the machismo to have FIVE Tuesdays in it! It's kind of a lazy mid-summer month - it's not supposed to be so hard working..

Anyway, White Gold Glitter is (currently) my favorite of the glitter golds, especially for transferring and coloring. And since Souffle has a great tendency to spread the micas evenly to show them off better, I thought a little more sparkle was in order (do I sound like Krithika? A little more sparkle..)

All the colors and clays did exceptionally well with the mix. I suspect that the Premo Cayenne would be happier with the Yellow Gold Glitter and I've GOT to mix the Navy Blue with the Rose Gold Glitter - just for the heck of it.

And the new Souffle Cornflower is just a hit in almost anything you can create. I had a friend in college we called Mr Caz because he was so layed back but he still managed to run the show. That's what Cornflower does too - it's the Mr Caz the clay line!

To the sub-palettes!

#1 Yummmm, frosty - just what we need on a warm Summer day. Wouldn't this palette be GREAT for coasters and accents on a Summer drink tray?

#2 Yes, I'm a little weird (as if you didn't know). I DO like Red and Pink together. and this version is so interesting to me because the Cayenne, which is a pretty hot color, is serving as the anchor for the palette with the WGG and the Raspberry mix.

#3 The Cayenne palette in #2 was so interesting to me, I decided to do it with the Navy Blue. You can immediately see (and feel) the difference between the two side-by-side warm and cool palettes!

Next month is my birthday month and I have some crazy mixes -including two of my most favorite mixes of the year!

xoxo, syn