I don't consider myself a fan of purple.  Wait, my whole front yard is purple.  I used to have a purple velvet chair.  OKAY, *maybe* I am a small fan of purple.  I definitely don't like pink.  I'm a redhead and redheads didn't wear pink in my day. ( I can hear my son's hilarious old man voice right now, "In my day..") I actually thought I would break out in a rash when I wore pink or red when I was little.  (Ironically, it was the green velvet holiday dress that gave me a heat rash every Christmas!)

Anyway, I dug the So 80's pink out of the very dark and dank back corner of my Sculpey Soufflé box to see what it would do when it partied with Lagoon.  These are some seriously sophisticated and gorgeous colors!  What do you think?  If I HAD to pick, I think the first mix (2L:1S8) is the most provocative.  But then that last one (1L:8S8) is definitely veering into my usual "sunny day bright" category!

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