orangesEarlier this Summer I was visiting in Denver with some clay friends and we stopped at the Union Station to get an ice cream.  They had a ginger ice cream that not only sounded yummy, but looked yummy - what a color!  I commented to my friends that it would be fun to mix a ginger (since, technically I am a hair and all).  So that became my quest to mix some different versions of Orange.  Then, my two good friends in my guild gave me a small ball of clay that they had mixed that was a beautiful red/orange mix that I loved, so I decided I had to mix that one too.  Whew!  I've got a TON of mixes coming your way this month!

In case you are wondering, this is how I store each mix - this is part of a plastic egg carton. I usually do all the mixes at one time for the month (because I can't stop myself.. but what if?)  I bring the carton into my office, lay the colors out on a sheet of white paper on my stool and photograph them.  Then I record the mix that I've etched on the back of each one (before baking) onto the actual photo as you see it using Photoshop.  Once I'm done with a month of mixes, I drill a hole through them and string them all on a wire and they go into a drawer (full of color chips by now!)


Oct 2015-1Now I'm starting with the Classic Reds and Yellows: Premo!  Cad Red /Cad Yellow and Zinc Yellow. I'm surprised!  I thought I would see a little more "zip" in the mixes using the Zinc. When I compare them with my eye, I swear I think I see a little difference, but they photograph virtually the same - okay, maybe the Zinc mixes look a tiny bit darker. I photographed this set both under natural light and using flash and they looked like this both times.  The old b/w and color films were red sensitive (that's why your freckles showed up more!), maybe digital cameras have carried on that tradition?  I do think I see more freckles still in digital photos than I see in my mirror!

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