Nov2It's always a challenge for me to find the right neutral for my project.  Sculpey Souffle has wonderful neutrals with Concrete for a cool neutral and Sandcastle and Latte for warm neutrals.  I generally tend to grab the Latte for my warm neutral, but lately I'm finding that the Sandcastle is a gorgeous mixing color. (I just mixed Sandcastle with Turnip yesterday for a rich mauve color..).  For this NCT, I've mixed both neutrals with Premo! Accents Copper and put them side-by-side.  Can you see my dilemma?  I love them all, but the Sandcastle seems to be a little more neutral, while the Latte gives the feeling of nicely browned cookies.  I love both of the 2C/1mixes at the far right! Either of those colors in combination with Sea Glass or Cowboy would be really nice and rich!


I've been keeping myself busy (while dealing with this pesky broken wrist) by doing a progressive study.  I'm hoping to get that posted today or tomorrow, if I can stop the progression long enough to take the photos, that is!  I took another left turn with it late yesterday and I have to explore that branch a little first...


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