UPDATE:  The blue hue has been changed to the correct name,  Cobalt Blue!

Welcome to NCT on Thursday. (see? If I use only the initials for New Color Tuesday, it can be used for a special Thursday edition!)

Jan 4 FINALsmAlright, here are my picks for the Moroccan palette.  I wasn't originally a fan of the minty green on the top right, but I knew I had already mixed it last month.  I would probably go with one of the deeper richer greens myself.

Now for all the color mixes.  Obviously, I didn't have enough room to put them onto the original color palette, so I  charted them.






Layout revWhat I did was break out each color pair (photo and clay) individually and post the mixes below them.  And because this is such a small image, I also am linking to the PDF of this so that you can print it out and file it (round file or color file - your choice).  I would suggest maybe using photo paper so that the colors will print truer.  Again, if color charts inspire you as much as they do me, look into Adobe Kuler for your Android or locate it in your Photoshop software (usually Window>Extension>Kuler in the top bar of your Photoshop workspace).

Click here for the PDF: Sculpey Moroccan Color Mixes rev

This was fun and far more time consuming than my usual NCTs, but I only have myself to blame - I got so intrigued by all the possibilities!  Thanks again for the suggestion and let's pick a theme/color for next month!

I know that the New Color Tuesdays (NCTs) are in the multitudes now, which is why we have a special page of just the mix photos for you (none of my yammering text to distract you). They live on their own page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

And don’t miss out on the biggest polymer clay event of this year – the Polymer Clay Adventure – a year long virtual retreat with 22 instructors.  There are videos and PDFs that you can watch at your leisure.  Go at your own pace, we are only two classes into the year, including my bracelet tutorial, which launched the program for this year!  Read more about it at http://bit.ly/PCAsyndeeholt2015