Jan 2 Reds allI know, I know, there are also oranges and yellows.  The Moroccan Warm Tones then?  I love every single color in this palette.  I started with Premo! Raw Sienna then mixed with Premo! Cad Red, Orange and Cad Yellow.  I"m going to split each color mix out individually, so let's get started shall we?






Jan 2 redThe Red mix yields colors that would easily fit into last weeks Pantone Color of the Year mix.  Each has it's own place, but I"m kind of partial to that final 4R/1RS mix.







Jan 2 OrangeThe Oranges are insanely gorgeous.  That crazy mix at the bottom of 16 Orange/2 Raw Sienna/1 Cad Red is my top choice (although I like the 4O/1RS too..and the 1:1..ARGH).







Jan 2 Yellow1


The Raw Sienna/Cad Yellow mixes created a winner on every mix, but I have to say that I like the 8Y/1RS the best.  How about you?



Next week we tackle the Greens.  I'm also posting below the original color swatch that I used as inspiration for the color mixes. I know that we already mixed that minty green last month, so I'm going for a more earthy, deep glowing green instead.


Jan prev



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150year22teachersAnd as you probably know by now, the Polymer Clay Adventure kicks off in just a couple of days now (January 1st) and I’m the first teacher up!  (Gulp)  If you haven’t signed up yet for this amazing yearlong event featuring 22 different teachers, check out this PCA link!