Jan 3 Greens allI'm love me some greens!  These were really fun, but I have to say that I didn't get any color really that I may like better than Premo! Spanish Olive.  I also have a little bonus Bright Green Pearl mix at the end of this.  I also have to say bear with me as I get used to the new camera. Things are a little bit different, not to mention a new lens length!

So let's take a look at these individually:





Jan 3 Green

This was my most obvious choice to start.  Premo! Green, Premo! Raw Sienna.  I have to say, that 1:1 mix looks a LOT like my beloved Spanish Olive!  I would go for the 8G/1RS for my Moroccan Green in this batch.  What is your choice?








Jan 3 JungleI thought it would be interesting to see what Premo! Jungle created when mixed with Raw Sienna and I was surprised at the beautiful browns it created!  That 1:1 mix looks a lot like Souffle Cowboy!






Jan 3 wasabiPremo! Wasabi mixed with Raw Sienna and Green (will I EVER quit wanting to call it Burnt Sienna?  please..) Anyway, I want to eat all of these color mixes.  I love that green/gold mix that the 15W/1RS creates.  That first tri mix of 2R/1RS/3W is a happy green I would use for anything!






Jan 3 BGPI also did a quick mix with Bright Green Pearl and Raw Sienna, not so much for the Moroccan series (because lets face it, if I wanted Moroccan metallics, I would just mix Premo! Accents Gold into everything and be done with it - instant Moroccan metallics).  But camouflage colors are very big in clothing fashion now and what if you don't want to invest in the clothing, but want a little pop of camo colors for your grey sweater set?  (NOT the pink sweater set, the pearls will always be first choice for that one!) These two colors mixed just about every color needed for a camouflage piece, with a hint of metallic glint - perfect!





I know that the New Color Tuesdays (NCTs) are in the multitudes now, which is why we have a special page of just the mix photos for you (none of my yammering text to distract you). They live on their own page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

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