(I typed that title and immediately tried to wrap my head around what Moroccan blues music would sound like. Still got the head tilted on that one!)

This is going to be a busy week for the NCT blog.  Not only am I presenting the last of the color groups for the Moroccan theme, but I'm also going to show you how the Souffle colors do with the Moroccan theme with a second post today.  And then on Thursday, I'm going to post the blog that shows my picks for the Moroccan color scheme and then the matches to the original color chart I used.  SIDEBAR: that color chart came from Google, but I often use Adobe Kuler to help me pick a color scheme.  It's a free extension in Photoshop  (usually found in your Photoshop workspace at Window>Extensions>Kuler), but it's also an app that you can buy for like 10 bucks and use on your Android tablets and phones.  In fact, here are two color charts that I created as suggestions for next month. So post me, email me, message me and let me know which of these you prefer or if you have another idea ok?

[caption id="attachment_16084" align="alignleft" width="300"]A Spring palette A Spring palette[/caption] [caption id="attachment_16083" align="alignleft" width="300"]Loosely based on beach colors Loosely based on beach colors[/caption]










Jan 4 blue allSo back to the Moroccans.  This week I have the blues..and the bluish pinks for you.  Nothing really exciting to me in these.  I did use Cadmium Blue, since it is still available. Let's look at them individually.







Jan 4 CBFirst up was Cobalt Blue and my staple, Raw Sienna.  I really, really like the last color with the Turquoise added into it.  It's a very nice, soft, sky blue.







Jan 4 purple

Premo! Purple and Raw Sienna blends created some rich leather look colors didn't they?







Jan 4 Fuchsia












And for the heck of it, I tried Fuchsia and Raw Sienna and got some really interesting colors.  That 1:1 mix is a bordering on a brick red!


So stand by for ANOTHER post today with the Souffle mixes and that Thursday wrap up post.

I know that the New Color Tuesdays (NCTs) are in the multitudes now, which is why we have a special page of just the mix photos for you (none of my yammering text to distract you). They live on their own page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/

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