Nov 2015-4aI decided that I wanted to see what effect the Graphite Pearl would have on other metallics in the Premo! Accents family.  Of course, I imagined that it would make them a darker version of their true selves, but naturally, I wanted to see if there were any surprises.  And the Purple Pearl surprised me with a gorgeous deep blue metallic.  I also thought the Bright Green Pearl would tend to stay a lot brighter than it did - I love it teamed up with the Purple Pearl Mix and the Gold mix!

I had an ulterior motive as well.. bezels.  I love to make my own bezels, but I'm getting tired of the standard black, gold or bronze bezel. I thought that if I mixed the neutral color of the Graphite Pearl into one of the metallic colors (or non-metallic as well!) of the design, I might be able to create a bezel that complimented the entire design.  What do you think? Think it will work?

As always, all the mixes are available on one page at:

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