Passion colorsWell, well, well, I never cease to surprise myself on how many color tangents I can send myself off on.  I *knew* the colors this month were going to be a challenge and I *knew* I was probably going to enlist the aid of the fluorescents, but I had NO idea I would get so carried away (AGAIN) with the color mixes.  Here is our mix palette for the month - I've pulled out some challenging colors from this photo of my friend's passion flower that you guys voted as the challenge for this month.

We've grown up my color kids - we are now mostly mixing with 3 colors instead of just two. And I mixed my ALL TIME most favorite, most gorgeous color I've EVER mixed.  but I'm not showing you that one today.  Today we are going to be looking at the greens.








Apr 2015-4 Let's start with a visual comparison of  Premo! Spanish Olive (SO) mixed with Premo! Cad Yellow (CY) and then mixed with Premo! Accents Yellow Fluorescent (YF) (WHY do I keep picking colors that are hard to spell?) It's clear that the Yellow Fluorescent creates a lighter color mix than the Cad Yellow, but it also adds a little punch to the color doesn't it? I love that 2FY/1SO mix - it's hard to look at it without smiling.  But our green from the palette pick is not on this mix chart.






Apr 2015-4aSo now we have gone back to our Moroccan color mixes to start on our mix here.  The Premo! Green mixed 6 parts to 1 Premo! Raw Sienna is a great Moroccan color mix, but add a little Premo! Accents Yellow Fluorescent and we have a winner for the color palette. (I know! I was really hoping to vote the 2SO/1YF mix in the above palette mix, but it just didn't cut it when placed next to the color on the photo..) I was also really surprised that just one part of the YF punched up that 6G/1RS so much, but the green is so bright to begin with, it was happy to have the boost of the YF apparently!


Next week, I hope to show the purples as I've used one of our new 2015 colors in a 1:1 color mix showdown with Pink Fluorescent.  And I've just received a box of a color I haven't used in ages and I'm going back to one of my mixes from last month to see how it does with the challenge! This is FUN rediscovering older colors I've forgotten about while waiting for the new colors to arrive! It's kind of like cleaning my closet and finding favorite shirts that I've forgotten about..


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