First, I need to say thanks to the astute reader who pointed out that in my Moroccan final mix, I mistakenly noted Cad Blue instead of Cobalt Blue.  I've corrected the blog post.  If you had downloaded the pdf, I've corrected it also.  And here I was so proud of myself for FINALLY learning to spell Fuchsia and calling it Raw Sienna in my head and not Burnt Sienna! I typically use colors that are outside my usual palette and I actually had to go buy the Premo Mixing Pack at Michaels to get a Cobalt Blue since I so seldom use it.  But that's what I thought of Fuchsia, and I'm using that color more and more.  This month I've (re)discovered the Blush color and shocked myself with some wild pairings that I will share when I share the mix palette for the sunset pink.


Mar 1aAnd speaking of Moroccan colors, how did I not mix an Orange for the Moroccan colors?  Once again, Raw Sienna comes into play to create some surprisingly nice warm browns to rich orange (ummmm, I'm craving pumpkin pie now!)






Feb 3a photosmOkay, onto our business at hand!  How to mix these sunset colors.  I'm going to show you the mixes for BOTH Premo and Souffle for this.  The Souffle is really so easy that after the mix today, I will just show you the final mixes in the last week.  These Souffle colors are so pretty, I had to share them. I like the clear progression of the colors as I add more and more Canary to the mix.  I think a 8:1 mix would probably create a nice golden yellow.

Mar 1c

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