Oct 2015-2  So I've been mixing trying to reach a ginger color I saw in an ice cream shop (ummm, I'd love to have that ice cream right NOW!)

I've come close here with a 3 way mix of Cad Yellow, Cad Red and Zinc Yellow by adding a little white in the bottom two mixes.





Then I got the idea from my Aussie girls, Chrissy and Sally to try using Pomegranate as my red mix.    I also wanted to use a softer yellow than the Cad Yellow, so I mixed with Premo! Sunshine.  I love the nice mixes this created and that final mix just reminds me of a luscious melon color!

Oct 2015-2aWe were very fortunate at our Sandy Camp retreat to have a demo of the
new polymer clay color mixing app from the creator, Nancy Ulrich - it's truly amazing!  It is both Apple and Android platforms and it's free for 30 days!  Check out "Color Mixr for polymer clay" in your app store now or at www.polymerclayer.com/colormixr