Mar 5a  Yay!  So let's get right to it!  I've mixed this month's color palette in BOTH Souffle and Premo for you.  I've had a lot of fun taking my (usual) left turns into creating totally unrelated mixes and had some startling (to me, at least) mix combos (I still can't get over that Premo! Blush/Wasabi mix! Love those colors and I never would have thought they would do that!)

I have to say, I always think that the Souffle mixes are easier to do, since they are already a step(s) away from the primary version of their main color.  But that's what I like about them, they look like they are custom mixed colors in the package!







Mar 5bHere are the Premo! mixes.  I got fascinated with Premo Blush this month, and I think it will probably stay in my stable of "go-to" colors.  The Jungle right out of the package was pretty much the color I needed, but I had fun mixing it with the metallics.  I think that is what I will do when I have pulled a color that already exists - experiment with it instead.


Next month's color palette is the Passion Flower and it looks like I might have to employ some fluorescent colors in a couple of those mixes and a very challenging gold color.   In the meantime, here are a couple of fun photos from my mixes this month...





Mar 5c The scraps smooshed together...







card smThe index card I used to cut out most of the colors for the mixes.   I love the accidental modern art that is created as a by-product of our clay habit.  For instance, when I have to finally replace my washer, I'm keeping the load door from it as it has been used as my painting surface for a decade now and I love it!


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