NCT Sep 2015-3This wasn't at ALL what I was expecting but then isn't that why I do this? But I kind of like these color mixes.  Imagine one of these colors with a soft yellow or peach color or a vibrant purple like Souffle Royalty... Shoot even with Rhino Grey (Premo!) or Concrete (Souffle).  Alright, I'm really liking these now! And after many, many years of print retouching (40 years next year), I see all of these colors as outdoor shadow colors (not bright sun, which would be a lot darker - think cloudy day shadows).  I've mixed variations of that 1:1 mix with my dyes for years before going digitial (YAY! Clone tool!)





And I think I've mixed this one before, but I wanted to do it again and post it. Probably because they look cool, like ice colors and it's so darn HOT and HUMID here right now!  LOL
NCT Sep 2015-3a

Remember that you can mix S3 and Premo! or Souffle together, just use the higher baking temp.  You can tint your clay with foil (like you do your roast in the oven) if you are concerned with scorching.

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