August 2020 Soufflé Mixes

I know, ME calling out some neutral(ish) mixes as some of my favorites? It can happen. Especially when all 3 mixes are in a palette- I like the calming warmth of the palette. A little Premo Copper or Soufflé Poppy Seed to make them pop and Wow! They just remind me of a walk on a warm (NOT hot) late Summer afternoon.

This is also a great palette for items to be used on an office desk. They add color and interest but look business-like. Maybe a mini-bowl for paper clips? Or a frame? Want to see what I made with my mix scraps?

OF COURSE I had to make earrings (even though I don't wear earrings!)

You can see all the NCT color mixes at:

xoxo, syn