June NCT 2020 Souffle Mixes

Let's have a little flashback to Summer. First of all, I kinda dig the 3 main Souffle mix colors together - Latte, Turnip and Cornflower. Toss a dash of Igloo, maybe a tiny bit of Poppy Seed? That would be fun!

I was REALLY surprised that Canary yielded such lovely SOFT color mixes. OF course, I already knew that Canary and Latte created a Key Lime color and I guessed that Cornflower and Canary would make some sort of cool-toned greenish color, but I was really surprised at the Turnip/Canary color. And excited too because (back when we could go into clothing stores in early Spring) I had seen versions of that shade everywhere....sigh...

The three mix colors together is also really nice - great colors for a bedroom quilt or how about stacked bracelets? Ohhhh, yes!!!

Channel bracelets created with my NCT scraps and small amounts of original colors.

You can see all the NCT color mixes at: https://www.sculpey.com/create/blog/category/color-mixing/

xoxo, syn