SEP2017-1Sunset Pearl (and Mai Tai in Souffle) are two colors I seem to forget about in my color palettes.  In fact, I seem to forget about the reds pretty much altogether (except for Orange tones that I want to bathe in).  But apparently my cat likes the reds, she kind of tore up the side of the 1:1 mix when she hijacked it off my table just before photographing these.  My usual routine is to stack each mix, after baking,  into an egg carton slot (I cut the carton in half so I have 3/3 slots) with the mix color on top.  I photograph each mix, taking care to keep the order correct (I've scratched the mix on the back of each chip and I go over that with a Sharpie when I'm outside and can see them well before photography).  Then I bring the carton into the office after I photograph them so I can put the text onto the photo.  Once the photos are labeled and complete,  I leave the carton just behind my computer on the desk, just in case there are any questions during the month.  Except THIS time, I came in the next day to find that the chips had been part of a glorious shower of color all over the office.  I spent what felt like an hour on a color chip egg hunt until I finally gave up.  She has NEVER bothered my clay table or office table before, so I don't know what the fascination is with this particular set of mix colors!  Then again, the heat and humidity is making us all a little wacky here..

Anyway, I really like all these colors, especially the coppery colors to the right.  Sunset Pearl has kind of a white or silver sparkle to it, so by adding the Yellow Gold Glitter to it, we get a mix of cool and warm sparkle. The 4G/1SP really has nice separation of the larger sparkles in the Glitter clay.  I'm going to use that mix for the background of a silkscreen or transfer for sure!

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Stay cool, stay safe!

xoxo, syndee