I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S THE END OF SEPTEMBER ALREADY!  While I'm really ready for the hot, humid weather to go away (we are 68-75 all year except for a couple of weeks in Aug/Sep), I don't want time flying this fast!  I have stuff I still need to do this month - how could this be possible?

SEP 2017-4Anyway, here is our final Sunset mix. And it was a TOTAL (I'm using a LOT of CAPS in this blog..) shock to me.  I never in a million years would have expected this!  I actually tried the 1:1 mix to see if it would mix to a mud or mix to something - was I surprised when that lovely metallic orange started to appear in the clay conditioning machine!  And that orange ochre from the 4SP/1W? What a killer contrast to the straight Wasabi - add a Teal color and WOW! (more CAPS - seriously bad habit).  I am in absolute LOVE with that final 2W/1SP mix - I can't decide whether to call it maize or butterscotch?  That color with Peacock Pearl and the 4Sp/1W mix would be an amazing combo.

Since the Wasabi created those two ochre colors I decided to see what happened when I quickly mixed the Wasabi with other colors to see if I could mix a range of ochres (I'm OBSESSED with ochres).


WasabiAnd it kind of worked!  The purple is amazing.  You know how the purple gets soooo dark?  This lightens it, but still keeps the purple hue strong without having to add White.  OMG, I love that 8W/1SP, 4W/1Pome, 1W/4 Cobalt  combo!  I'm going to revisit that combo and make SOMETHINGS with it for SURE!

Okay, I'm done yelling in CAPS at you, but I was REALLY excited and shocked at what Wasabi did in these mixes.  I know I've mixed with Wasabi before, but I never got these ochre-type colors.

xoxo, syn

As always, our  NCT color mix archive  can be found at: https://www.sculpey.com/project/mixing-colors/