May 2015-3OK, it was pretty much a no-brainer, given my recent fascination with mixing pinks with greens, that I would have to try it with the new Premo! Accents Sunset Pearl. So I broke out my Bright Green Pearl (which is another color I seemed to have forgotten about lately) and did some mixing.  Wow!  The colors are so pearlescent that I have to photograph them from an angle so that you can truly see the colors! And I absolutely can't pick a favorite - I love them all!  Although...I do think that the 2BGP/1SP mix (the first one) would look amazing with the new Graphite Pearl.  The 1:1 mix would, of course, be amazing with Turquoise or Peacock Pearl.  I think the last mix would be really neat with the Purple Pearl, don't you?


Want to see all the Pink/Green mixes together?  Here is the previous post with both Premo! and Souffle mixes so you can pick your favorite!


Mar 3a

Check out all the New Color Tuesday mixes on one page at:  I just looked at this page and there are LOADS of colors on there!!

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