Sea Glass is back! I'm transitioning here to a late Summer/early Fall palette. As a pro photographer for over 40 years, I'm rather responsive to natural lighting and the tracking of the seasons in outdoor light.

#1 Oh yes, all 3 of these look so good together. Latte is a great mix color to help bring a diverse group of colors into a cohesive palette. I want these colors in my bedroom! And don't they create restful accents to the 18% grey background?

#2 A lighter color palette for end of Summer/early Fall. Great table setting colors, great warm accents to the 18% grey.

#3 Late afternoon at the beach colors for sure! Or poolside right? Great outdoor deck accent colors - unless you are like me and actually paint your deck in slightly brighter versions of these colors!

Oh! And my NCT keepsake from this month? A pair of earrings (and pendant) done in kind of my KC Stripper technique with metal findings glued in.

xoxo, syn