WHAT NO SEA GLASS? I decided that I wanted to explore with the Premo Antique Gold a little this week. Don't worry Sea Glass will be back next week! Antique Gold is one of those colors that I was all about when it first came out, but lately, it's languished in my clay cabinet. Since I broke it out last week for mixing with my beloved Souffle Sea Glass, I wanted to explore a little this week with it and my Sea Glass didn't seem to mind the weeks rest.

Is it me or does adding a White tone to a palette instantly make it a little more grown up and classy? I love that starting color palette of Premo Copper, Spanish Olive, Antique Gold and Souffle Igloo. Why Souffle for the white? I wanted to see what the matte surface of the Igloo would do with the micas of the Antique Gold. It is really nice in person, kind of looks like a velvet. Okay, the sub-palettes:

#1 Oh, I like that Igloo/Antique Gold mix as a neutral in this palette! Kind of a greige grey color, yes?

#2 Oh yes! Rich, rich colors add the warmth of Summer to ANYTHING you can dream to create with them!

#3 This is a slightly warmer version of #1 and I just couldn't decide between the two of them!

xoxo, syn