Okay, I knew that the Premo Silver and Souffle Turnip would most likely be a really good combination, but I was kind of surprised that it was a nice purple mix because I expected more of a pinkish mix. The Premo Gold/Souffle Turnip was exactly what I thought it would be - a rich copper color. But the Souffle Cornflower/Turnip mix was a real surprise with the rich purple color! I thought it would be much darker than this lovely color. Well, after 7 years of NCT mixing, I'm still constantly surprised.

#1 Wow! Talk about a rich palette of color. What a cool twist on traditional Fall colors too! And a very different palette to decorate a terra cotta pot.

#2 A lovely cool palette that would look great with white, grey and black.

#3 Great Summer colors that remind me of fields of grain, tomatoes on the vine and cool water. A great palette for a white shirt, or a kitchen bowl! Oh! nice colors to decorate a terra cotta pot too!

xoxo, syn