Souffle Cornflower is such an interesting color to me - is it Blue? is it Purple? Its a cool color, right? So why does it FEEL warm to me?

I'm starting this Cornflower mix month off with a trio of Premo metal colors. What will this blue/purple/warm/cool color do with the micas?

Well first off, they will create one of my favorite mixes of the year - Gold and Cornflower - is that a rich brass color or what?

#1 Now HERE is a cool palette that is sophisticated kind of 007 style. Great tones for accent beads or an entire necklace of just these colors. OHHHHH earrings!! YES!!

#2 I think that the Copper tone clashes just right with that Gold/CF mix (that I LOVE) and the silver keeps the peace. Nice bracelet colors - or maybe cover a vase?

#3 Oh! All the mixes - YES! Great tones to team with denim.

Welcome to July - wasn't it just March?

xoxo, syn