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New Color Tuesday: Spring Flowers Pt 3

NCTMar-7What the heck happened to March?  Here and gone it seems!  This week I was using two of the most offbeat colors in my clay cabinet.  By offbeat, of course, I mean, I forget that I have them until I rediscover them and love them until I forget them again. Does that make sense?  You MUST have some color lurking to be discovered again in your clay stash...

Anyway, I knew I could get some beautiful oranges out of these two, but the surprise was throwing in a little black and white and getting a beautiful deep taupe that I think is just begging to be a background for Wasabi, that Orange next to it, (4S/1P) and Sunshine.  In fact, it would be a perfect compliment to every one of those colors on that card!



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