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New Color Tuesday! Spring Flowers Final

[caption id="attachment_24275" align="alignleft" width="239"]2016Jan-3sm I used Jungle to do the bezel around this ink- painted sunset pendant[/caption]

NCTMar_6ARgh!  I got myself all confused this month and didn't present the colors in the order that they were on the photo.  Yeah, I couldn't WAIT to show you some of the mixes and went out of order.  Anyway, I'm sad that I almost missed this mix, because I found it pretty darn fascinating when I did it.  I am not often accused of using subdued colors, in fact, the more vibrant and intense I can get them the better.  However, I loved all these muted greens I mixed this week!  And Jungle is one of my current fascinations, I'm even using it sometimes for the bezels of my sunset pendants. And I'm already fascinated with just simply mixing Premo! White and Black this month, so why not add one of my current favorites to the mixes?  What could go wrong?  The answer: NOTHING!!

It is also time to show the final mixes!  The Premo! line is so big that several of the colors in this beautiful watercolor by my cousin were pretty much straight out of the package Premo! colors.  I've indicated a few of those as well on this final image!



[caption id="attachment_24269" align="alignleft" width="261"]The March final with the mixes from each week and a few straight out of the package Premo! colors The March final with the mixes from each week and a few straight out of the package Premo! colors[/caption]

If you want to see more of my cousin, Doris Ettlinger's watercolors, check out these websites, and her latest book illustration, The Legend of Sea Glass, is available on
facebook/dorisettlingerstudio        etsy/DorisEttlingerStudio

As always,all the NCT color mixes are at:

Check out the new polymer clay color mixing app, called Color Mixr for Polymer Clay for both Android and Apple platforms!

And finally, my hatband tutorial for Polymer Clay Adventure (PCA2016) is coming up this Spring, but in the meantime, you can check out the incredible artists who have dropped their tutorials already in the PCA this year.  Remember, you can join at any time and view the tutorials at your convenience! There are 24 different teachers and 28 video classes.  Read all about the payment options and join right here! (