July 2015-2Is it me, or does that title sound like a wine? Sparkling Pestos...$3 a bottle at the Dollar Store or something. LOL  But these indeed, are Sparkling Pestos.  I mixed Sculpey Souffle Pesto with the 3 new Golds for some really pretty results.  I can't decide how I like the Rose Gold mixes - to me I see weathered copper in the 1P/6RG mix.  It looks kind of like copper just starting to verdigris.  I wasn't surprised that I loved all the Yellow Gold mixes, but I was surprised that, once again, I'm really digging that 1P/6WG mix. There is something about a super frosty looking color that I am attracted to (possibly because I live in SoCal and almost never see frost?)

I've always liked the way that the Souffle clays really separate and show off the glitters and pearls in the Premo! Clays and these mixes are no exception.



July 2015-2aSo I was waiting for some stuff to bake the other day and realized that I hadn't done any blue mixes for this month.  So I'm cheating and not calling this a regular mix chart.  I've mixed each color with a Gold 1:1 (the circle) and then done a quick blend of the colors - I was thinking of a starry night background.  The Bronze/Rose Gold mix was just me going, "Hey, what about this for a Rose Gold mix, since I don't think it goes with blue?"  The blend is really nice, but the 1:1 mix underwhelmed me.  I think that I would probably like a 1:4RG or 1:6RG mix better (but I couldn't fit anymore on the card).

Check out all the New Color Tuesday mixes on one page at:  https://www.sculpey.com/wp/project/mixing-colors/  I just looked at this page and there are LOADS of colors on there!!

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