August NCT Pt 1 Cornflower

The new Souffle color called Cornflower is an interesting color -Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it BOTH? And since I'm obsessed with mixing Souffle with Premo Accents Metallics right now, I thought I would mix with the wildest of the metallics (Purple Pearl and Bright Green Pearl) with both a cool palette and a warm palette. Once I got my own Rules straight, I got to mixing. This week I'm featuring the cool palette of Cornflower, Robin Egg and Igloo (all Souffle), mixed with Premo Accents Purple Pearl. I mixed two parts of the Purple Pearl to one part of each of the colors. I assumed I would be colors in the purple family, but I got a couple of surprises. Cornflower and Purple Pearl creates a kind of Ultraviolet color with a soft shimmer! And the Robin Egg/ Purple Pearl color creates a soft rich violet.

The Sub-palettes!

#1 All the Souffle colors together create a classic cool palette that is just so clean...

#2 Purple Lovers Rejoice!!

#3 Perfect colors for a nursery. A Spring/Summer palette designed to cool you off. These colors would look great with jeans or a white blouse!